The Groups Promise to all our business clients and potential clients



At Business Utility Services, customer service and commitment to UK SMEs has been the driving force behind our brand, our mission is to provide customers with the best possible service, helping them to save money and time when it comes to switching their business energy bills.

As a business we strive to give our customers a first-class service, however we understand that occasionally things do not go as planned. We believe that you have the right to know what level of service you can expect from us all the time, even in those occasional moments that we fall short of the very high standards that we set ourselves.

To ensure we are delivering the highest quality customer service, we are committed to keeping certain promises to every single one of our customers.

These are our commitments to you…

<strong>1)      How we handle data and our promise to never share</strong>

Our first promise is to respect your privacy. Whenever we perform a business energy price comparison you can rest safe in the knowledge that we will only request the information we need to perform our services. We only ask for the technical information so we can give you an accurate comparison.

We promise to never sell or pass on your information to any third parties. We will only ever use it to identify you to your new supplier, without it, we couldn’t save you money on your new energy contract.

<strong>2)      We Will aim to be a leader in, Industry Standards</strong>

At Business utility Services, we’re committed to compliance and leading the way when it comes to regulation in the energy market. A lack of official government regulation currently means that the industry we work in is largely self-regulated.

We want to ensure we’re always honest, open and transparent in the way we operate and that’s why we’re an opt-in member of the <a href=””>TPI Code of Practice</a>. This means that, by comparing and switching your energy tariff with Business utility Services, your information will be in safe hands and we will never mislead you.

<strong>3)      We Will Never Send Junk Mail</strong>

As a business owner, your inbox is probably fuller than most and we don’t want to be adding to your junk folder.

Any emails we send you will always contain useful information either about your energy contract renewal or running your business more generally. We will only ever send you emails from Business Utility Services and will not allow third parties to contact you.

You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time (although we hope you don’t need to) and we are always happy to receive emails from you should you have any queries or complaints.

<strong>4)      We Work For/with You</strong>

Our Mission at Business Utility Services is to provide the best possible service, and our research suggests that our customers want an honest, fast, hassle-free commercial energy comparison in order to find a cheaper gas and/or electricity contract. We are completely independent and work with all major suppliers, plus numerous independents, to ensure we are getting a broad market overview.

We simply present you with what is available in the energy market to help you make an informed decision based on your personal preferences and requirements. We will never pressure you to leave your current supplier, in fact, if we can find you a cheaper deal without having to switch you, we will do.

Should you wish to provide us with feedback or file a complaint (although we hope you never will) you can find <a href=””>our Complaints Policy here</a>.

<strong>5)      We Will Never Surprise You With Additional Charges</strong>

Nobody likes a nasty surprise, so we’ll never attach any additional charges to any of our energy comparisons.

We are always happy to be completely transparent about our prices. It is free to complete a comparison on our engine; you will never be charged for simply enquiring.

Upon your contract going live with your new supplier, we will either be paid an introduction fee or paid an amount, which is included within your price, over the life of your contract.  The fee is contingent on your actual energy consumption over the lifetime of the contract.

For more information on our prices, you can <a href=””>read all about our Fair Pricing Policy here</a>.

<strong>6)      We Will Be Efficient, Fast and Reliable</strong>

We’ve made our business energy comparison engine as quick and easy to use as possible. We only ask for the minimum information needed for a comparison to help speed up the process. Our energy experts are all given extensive training to efficiently guide the process of switching your <a href=””>business gas</a> and/or electricity suppliers.

You don’t have to just take our word for it! We are extremely proud to boast a 4.6 Star Rating on Trustpilot, which we have achieved by customers independently reviewing our services.

We’re committed to helping YOU find the best deal on YOUR business energy.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today on 01772 367717 or email <a href=””></a>

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